With raw and honest lyrics about pain, mental health and heartbreak, JA/VI wants to make sad people feel less lonely. She wants to write sad songs without the sugar coating and happy endings, just raw emotion. The genre is hard to define but could be described as alternative/dark pop, but JA/VI prefers the term Emo Pop. 

The debut single 'Good Cocaine' was released on May 29th 2020. It was a competitor in the Swedish radio contest 'P4 Nästa'. Voted as the jurys favorite it came in on a shared first place but lost due to less listener votes. The single isn't, as the title would suggest, about drugs. It's about being cheated on but not being able to let go. 

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Growing up in a musical family, music was always her biggest passion. She's been singing and playing for all her life she started writing her own material in high school. Since 2015 she's been out touring with her own material. She studied Singer/Songwriter from 2017-2019 and during that time she learned how to produce her own music. Her music could be described guitar based acoustic pop.

The debut single 'Grass Was Greener on the Other Side' was released in April 2018. The debut EP 'Cold Shower' was release in February 2019 and got recognized on the local radio and played for almost a full year. The EP was followed by a single in December 2019 called 'Attention'. Right now she's focusing on her other project JA/VI but is still available for acoustic gigs.