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When I'm not stuck in the studio writing or producing...

I love doing multiple things at once. Even though the music has always been closest to my heart I have great passion for other things as well.


In my early twenties I did a lot of photography and was internationally published. I've done a lot of cosplaying and modeling, but these days my biggest passion, music aside, is gaming. I love both console and computer gaming, for me it's the perfect way to relax and clear my head. 

I have a great passion for working out at the gym. I love lifting heavy and transform my body. I also identify a lot with being a vegan, being a cat mom and living a childfree lifestyle. (Childless by choice.) I've done a lot of traveling in my days and me and my partner love to attend concerts in different countries. 

If you wish to keep up with my personal life, not just music, you can follow my personal instagram: @vickijacobson

If you have any questions regarding me or my music, feel free to contact me!

Living and breathing music since -94...

As long as I can remember I've always loved singing, being on stage and making music. I grew up in a musical family so music was always a big part of my life. As one of my vocal coaches once said, I was probably delivered on a stage. When I was around 10 I started writing songs with two friends and we had a group that would perform in churches and on events in our hometown. 

I decided to study music in high school and I always pictured myself being in a band. (Which I was from time to time.) But in 2011 I discovered Ed Sheeran and realized that I only needed my voice and my guitar. I started writing my own material and since 2015 I've been playing and touring frequently both with my own material but also as a troubadour. I released my frist EP back in 2016, but in the years to come I decided to take it down since I didn't feel it reflected me and my music. In 2017 I started studying Singer/Songwriter. The education also included production, so I decided to start producing my own songs. In 2018 I released my first single produced by myself, followed by an EP in the start of 2019. I've kept on producing and releasing music since and I have great plans for the future...

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