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Front End Developer Vicki Jacobson

Based in Sweden

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I'm a jack of all trades in the best way possible. My passion has taken me far and wide, through tech/IT, web publishing, retail, music production, photography and more. Welcome to my resume and portfolio.

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let qualities = ['Passionate', 'Energetic', 'Creative', 'Multitasker', 'Efficient', 'Positive', 'Fast Learner'];

My strength lies within my passion for learning new things and develop new skills. I thrive in a fast moving enviroment and I'm an excellent multitasker that can quickly change focus if needed. I love exploring outside the frames of my position and has always been an appreciated colleague. I value a good and healthy work enviroment and flexibility above all else. What I bring to a team is a positive attitude, energy and new perspectives and ideas.

let interests = ['Tech', 'Cats', 'Video Games', 'Music', 'Yoga', 'Meditation', 'Books', 'Psychology'];

I follow where my curiosity leads me. I often start my mornings with meditation and yoga. I love to read a good book, both fiction and non-fiction. I have a great passion for psychology and mental health. I was a pop artist and music producer for many years and music has always been a big part of my life. At the end of the day I like to play video games, by myself or with friends, to relax. I live with my long-term partner and our two cats, Baine and Magni.

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let workExperience = ['Web Publishing', 'Copywriting', 'Retail', 'Sales', 'Songwriting', 'Music Production'];

Product Manager

Scandinavian Photo

In my role as PM for the Computer/Imaging assortment I'm responsible for the purchase and strategy. I work closely with manufacturers to find the right products and negotiating the price and volume. It's my responsibilty to analyze the market and discover possibilties to ensure growth by finding the right assortment, keeping correct pricing and plan competetive and strategical campaigns.

Jul 2023 - Current

Category Sales Merchandiser

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As CSM for the Computer/Imaging assortment my main responsibilties includes writing text and publishing products to the web, plan and execute marketing plans with suppliers, build and publish campaigns and provide the store sales staff with information and sales strategy. I work in team with the product manager to plan the assortment and focus strategy. I have taken my role beyond the inital work description and I have been praised for my involvement, ability to find solutions and "can do"-attitude by managers within and outside of my own department. My ability to work efficiently with sharp deadlines and swiftly adapt in an ever-changing market has lead me to excel in this role.

Mar 2022 - Current

Senior Sales


As Senior Sales I was in charge of the IT/Entertainment department. The role included sales, delegating daily tasks, maintence and remodeling of the department and coaching the sales staff. My passion for tech proved useful when it came to knowledge about the products and my expertise was highly appreciated amongst my colleagues. I always strived to exceed expectations with every customer and that lead to high customers satisfaction and returning customers. Over the years I always kept high sales numbers and was appraised by the store managers.

Dec 2019 - Feb 2022



Before I was promoted to Senior Sales, I worked as a salesperson for four years. I worked mainly in the IT/Entertainment department, but my passion for learning new things lead me to learning about products in other department, learning the cashier and service desk and selling mobile contracts. My ability to adapt and always be on the move to catch every customer was highly appreciated by my managers.

Oct 2015 - Nov 2019

Shop-in-Shop Manager (Temp)


I got the oppotunity to manage the Apple Shop-in-Shop for a month where I worked before they closed down. During that month I increased sales of MacBooks by more than 50% compared to the same period the year before.

Dec 2016



I have been freelancing for most of my adult life. My main occupation has been music production and playing live gigs. As a music producer I offered mix, master and topline/songwriting. I performed both as a troubadour and as an artist with my original songs. Over the years I have also offered photo-/videography services, with focus mostly on weddings and family portraits. During 2021-2022 I was an active streamer on Twitch playing a variety of games to a wide audience. My company has been registered since June 2018.

Jun 2018 - Oct 2023

Shop Assistant

Statoil/Circle K

As shop assistant I worked in a high tempo, often alone, balancing helping customers at the cashier with filling up stock and making sure the store looked good.

Sep 2013 - Sep 2015

let education = ['Front End Developer', 'Songwriting', 'Music Production', 'Business Economics'];

Front End Developer


Online course in Front End Development with certificate. The course included work with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Git/GitHub and React. It also included knowledge on Deploying Websites, making Resposive and Accessible websites, Web Applications and Interactive Websites with JavaScript.


Dalkarlså Folkhögskola

Two year education with focus on Songwriting, Music Production and Artistry. Classes included music theory, recording and mixing in Logic Pro X, stage performance and weekly individual sessions with a vocal coach.

Aug 2017 - Jun 2019

Business Economics 30hp

University of Umeå

Included Marketing, Business Managing and Orientation, Accounting and Sales Management.

Jan 2015 - Jun 2015


Midgårdsskolan Umeå

High School-level education.

Aug 2010 - Jun 2013

Grades and References are available upon request


Work in progress

Portfolio Project Portfolio Project Portfolio Project Portfolio Project Portfolio Project Portfolio Project


HTML 5: Advanced;

CSS: Intermediate;

JavaScript: Intermediate;

React: Basic;

Git/GitHub: Basic;

SEO: Intermediate;

Responsive Design: Intermediate;

Copywriting: Intermediate;

UX / UI: Basic;

Web Publishing: Intermediate;

Photoshop: Intermediate;

Web Design: Intermediate;


  • Swedish: Fluent;
  • English: Fluent;
  • French: Basic;

Honorable Mentions

  • More than 8 years experience of Retail
  • Certified Apple Master
  • Internationally Published Photographer
  • 5 years experience with Accounting